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Akindynos Gkikas is a Greek professional actor and director, who featured in a wide array of significant productions in theatre, cinema and television. When he started lending his voice to the Greek versions of world-renowned fictional heroes in cinema and television, a whole new chapter in his career was about to begin. His passion and hard work to “tell the story” soon established him as popular and reputable dubbing artist. Since 2008 he has been training actors on acting and voice acting.

As an actor he featured in paramount Greek films directed by acclaimed Michalis Cacoyannis, D. Indare, S. Goritsa, G. Tsemperopoulos, K. Megapanos, P. Koublis etc., in popular TV series (produced by Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ERT, or other Greek television networks such as MEGA, ANT1, SKAI), and has participated in numerous theatre productions working with renowned directors such as A. Minotis, K. Damatis, Ε. Gabriilidis, G. Iordanidis, in productions of both the Greek National Theatre and influential theatre groups, such as George Michailidis’ “Open Theatre”, Vastardis’ “Thimeli” and Messalas’ “Modern Theater”.

As a dubbing artist he showcases a wide range of children’s television series, feature films, documentaries, and video games, serving the Entertainment industry with his voice acting, directing and casting for more than 30 years. His voice is famous in Greece as Liono (Thundercats),  Winnie the Pooh (Walt Disney), Ludwig Von Drace (Walt Disney), Optimus Prime (Transformers),  Captain Planet, Mighty Max, Salem (Sabrina), Gargamel (The Smurfs), Taz-mania (Warner Bros. Animation), Yosemite Sam (Warner Bros. Animation)  and many more.

His dubbing directing work is well known for “Lorna Doone” (live action TV series), “The 4400” (live action TV series), “Doctor – Who” (live action TV series), “Charles II” (live action BBC mini TV series), “Pimp my Ride” (live action TV show), “Top Gear” (live action TV show) “Transformers” (animation TV series),  “Phineas and Ferb” (animation Disney TV series),  “Fish Hooks” (animation Disney TV series),

“Avengers” (animation Marvel TV series),  “Big Hero 6” (animation Disney TV series),   A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures” (movie), “Happy Feet I & II” (Warner Bros. movies), “Shrek 1,2 & 3” (adaptation, DreamWorks movies), “Igor” (Exodus Film Group movie), “Hop” (Universal Pictures movie), “Planet 51” (Ilion Animation Studios movie), “Wreck-it-Ralph” (Walt Disney movie), “Little Nicholas 1 & 2” (live action movies), “Big Hero 6” (Walt Disney movie), “Zootopia” (Walt Disney movie), “Despicable Me 1,2 & 3” (Universal Studios movies) and more.

He is the initiator and founder member of Open Theater art, a social enterprise on a mission to empower people in the field of Arts and Culture, and boost financial and entrepreneurial activity, by investing in human capital development through education and training.

Akindynos Gkikas on the Art of Dubbing | (english subtitles)

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