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Terms of use

This ‘OPEN STUDIO post’ web site is managed by the ΚΟΙΝ.Σ.ΕΠ OPEN THEATER art ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΗ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΥ, located on 78N Skyros N. Kipseli Athens, and from now on we will call ‘OPEN STUDIO post’ the ‘website’ and ‘ΚΟΙΝ.Σ.ΕΠ OPEN THEATER art ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΗ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΥ’ the ‘OPEN THEATER’

By accessing or using the ‘website’, you represent that you agree to the terms of use.

This page lists the current terms and conditions for using this ‘website’.

Browsing at requires and implies the unreserved acceptance of the following terms of use. Therefore, please read carefully the terms of use of ‘website’ before using it. In the event of disagreement, you are invited to leave the website and do not make further use of it.

The guest is invited to read carefully and fully accept the following terms that may be modified in the future without notice.

Terms of use:

  1. Rights

The content of the ‘website’, including, but not limited to, marks, distinctive titles, texts, news, photographs, images, services provided, are part of the ‘OPEN THEATER’ with the exception of protected third party rights.

Without the prior written permission of the ‘OPEN THEATER’, it is forbidden to alter the content of the site or publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute, present or otherwise alter. From news websites only the accompanying reference to as a “source” is allowed.

  1. Responsibility

The ‘OPEN THEATER’ takes all necessary steps to ensure that the ‘website‘ operates properly, but it is not responsible for any damage to the user of the site (indirect or immediate) due to its inability to use it, delays, network errors, line interruptions, power failures or for other reasons.

  1. Links

In the case that the ‘website’ includes links to third party websites for informational purposes, the ‘OPEN THEATER’ has no responsibility for their content and services. Navigation on these websites is governed by the terms of use of each web page. Responsibility for the content, safety and use of the content lies with the relevant provider.

  1. Security of website

The end user is the only one responsible for protecting his system from viruses, online attacks and any malware.

The ‘OPEN THEATER’ has, as far as possible, taken all necessary security measures to protect ithe ‘website’ and prevent virus attacks, malwares, electronic attacks or any other unacceptable actions.

The content of the website is made available to its users for their personal use only and it is expressly prohibited for commercial or other purposes.

The website may contain typographical errors, which will be corrected if detected.

  1. Personal data privacy

The protection of personal data of users of the ‘website’ is governed by the enhanced protection policy and as set out in EU Regulation 697/2019

  1. Cookies

Users can be informed about the use of cookies as part of the ‘website’.

‘OPEN THEATER’ has no responsibility for the temporary unavailability of the ‘website’.

The above terms and conditions of use of the ‘website’, and any amendment, governed by Greek law and any dispute arising from this contract of use should be determined by the courts of Athens.

For any information, clarification, or request permission to reproduce content on the website, you can send an e-mail to: [email protected] or you can contact Skyrou 78 N. Kipseli, Athens Tel. 210 8831787.