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Post Production Audio

We specialise in handling sound for cinema, television, radio and web.

We offer 5.1 Mix, Dubbing, Foley, ADR, Voice Over Recording, Audio Editing, Sound Design

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We curate the stories you deliver to local audiences,
enhancing their viewing experience.

We have been serving the Entertainment Industry for more than 30 years. Our talent and  expertise spanning from capturing the essence of your story to efficiently implementing all technical aspects of your production, make us the perfect partner for your next project!

01. We are highly qualified professionals

Open Studio is proud of its network of qualified professional voice actors cast by Open Studio post director and actor trainer, Akindynos Gkikas. His experience in the entertainment industry, and his track record as a Greek dubbing artist in projects of international TV networks, film studios, production companies or distributors, guarantee that your story will keep its authenticity, while maintaining the highest creative and technical standards it deserves.

02. We “tell the story”

As actors we love stories. We live through stories. And your story is one to leverage and embrace. We pay special attention to every little vital detail. Every little breath. Every little nuance of voice. We then reproduce everything accurately. We make sure we convey all the different and original meanings, all the thoughts and ideas of your story.

03. We go unnoticed

We take pride in our lip-sync dubbing. We always aim at a precise result, both artistically and technically speaking. It is so precise indeed that our dubbing work goes unnoticed. Even the original actors can’t believe it when they “see” themselves speak Greek! The perfect synchronization with the lip movement of the actors on-screen delivers an enhanced viewing experience for your audience.

Sound Libraries

You can access our sound libraries HERE

Through the years we use to record and design sounds for the demands of the projects we curate.

We decided to collect them all and create an evolving section of sound libraries to fulfill the needs of every sound designer or video creator.